Extraschooling seeks to be a socially and environmentally aware, inclusive space that provide supplemental learning ideas to get kids and families thinking and exploring in creative ways.

We base our home education style around cultivating the 4 C’s – curiosity, creativity, compassion, and communication – with the goal of inspiring lifelong learners who can think critically about the world around them.

Created by a homeschooled homeschooler, yet built to pair with any style, from unschooling to public schooling, as well as all ages and any family size. Find real-world applications mixed with thought-provoking questions, invitations to explore, and plenty of latitude to make it your own.

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Posts are being converted to audio, starting with the most recent. Keep checking back to find more! Links to listening platforms (currently Google, Spotify and Anchor) are included on posts. Also find a read-aloud of Nye In February, the first book of the Little Green Hill series.

This Eclectic Life

What homeschool styles do you blend? Let’s build an open, friendly, safe space to share in each other’s journey.

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