Eclectic Kids

Calling all curious minds!

Who are eclectic kids? Kids (of all ages) who like to

  • explore
  • ask questions
  • think outside of the box
  • dance to their own drummer

Eclectic learning is an organic form of discovery where you get to choose your own path and speed while blending your topics and ideas. On this page you’ll find a few creative ways that use this style of learning: check out the Little Green Hill Packets below or keep scrolling to find a DIY reading club plus a bunch of sample activities adapted from Extraschooling books.

Little Green Hill Packets

Check out the Little Green Hill page to learn more about the book series, then earn all four badges based on the mouse characters with activities spanning multiple areas of learning.

Meet Bounder – he is bold and resourceful, outspoken and utterly himself. His motto is: Be true to you. Join him in exploring his unique traits and talents and celebrate your own along the way.

This packet works across topics such as: emotional/personal development – nature – creativity – activism – play – earth science – writing – art.

Meet Columbus – he is fun and adventurous, outgoing and happy-go-lucky. His motto is: Dare to dream big. Join him in exploring the world and enjoying the people and places around you.

This packet works across topics such as: research – design – planning – exploration – spontaneity – community – environmental stewardship – writing – art.

Nibble and Tennyson’s packets will be available soon!

Bookworms Unite!

Find a guide to creating a DIY reading club you can use at home or within your community. Inspire kids to explore different types of books and to find how to get more out of them than just what’s written on the pages. A new genre and theme will be added each month!

Try some eclectic learning activities

Click on a cover to find sample projects adapted* from the books.

*Some may be condensed, contain color or have additional elements not found in the the original books.

Pardon the construction!

Thanks for your patience during this period of change and growth!

You can find more free printables on the Bookstore and Little Green Hill pages as well.