ERC Month Four – Classics/Literature + Education

Classics and literature paired with education… Hmmmm…

This was a tough one! Random drawings can be fun, can’t they?

Thankfully, as homeschoolers, we’re used to a wide interpretation of what we consider education, but even we had to stretch a bit this month. Our hands-down favorite read was absolutely, positively, undeniably, certainly, without a doubt:

(And if you’ve read the book, you might have spotted the joke tucked away in that last sentence!)

However, in tracking down possible titles – even without trying to adhere to the topic of education – one question kept nagging at me: What is a classic? Searching online I found a list of “classics” that run straight into modern day, which perplexed me. The main thing that bothered me about the books we picked up for this challenge was their youth. I had tossed out a rough definition of classics as books “around a hundred years old” initially, but none of ours reached that far back. I thought some more, and my final definition for us became, “A book written a while back, perhaps in an era somewhat different from our own, that is still relevant, important, or enjoyable today.” Literature, meanwhile, I described as, “A book with substance, not just quick fluff, written with a real intention, not just to sell.”

How would you define these categories? What constitutes a classic or a piece of literature in your eyes? What authors spring to mind?

It should make for a good discussion this month! Find questions such as these and activity ideas, including a fun quiz about some famous authors, in the download below.

Happy reading!

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Who am I? Foremost, the lucky momma of an amazing boy. To be perfectly honest, I am less his teacher than he is my inspiration - I have learned at least as much from him in the last eight years as he has from me. I am an old-timer at heart; I'd rather live on a farm, garden, crochet, and raise my kid out in the sun than anything else. I'm a bit of a technological dinosaur, more geared toward life where you can get your hands dirty and have some fun exploring, learning, and growing. I'm a homeschooled, homeschooling single parent with a passion for my son, nature, and the simple life. I am not here to pretend I know it all or lay out the research or provide a step-by-step game plan. I hope to encourage and inspire families to join in the journey of learning together - and have the fun that life is supposed to be made of along the way. Happy exploring!

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