ERC Month Three – Poetry + Travel

Full disclosure here…

I’m not that fond of poetry.

However, I do have to admit that when you find a poem that resonates with you, it sticks. Anyone familiar with the Little Green Hill stories likely knows the name comes from an e.e. cummings poem I have loved for enough years that I have no actual idea when I first read it – I know I based a college project off of it nearly 20 years ago, so it’s been a bit.

And then there’s a funny little anecdote from that same time in my life: I won the poetry competition for the school publication. I had entered on some random whim, and wound up earning the $100 prize. They called in order to put a biographical blurb alongside the poem, but they missed me and left a message with their email address. I sent them the answers to their questions, and then (as a very shy non-poet who used my initials back then as well) I was highly amused to read when I got my copy that I was apparently a man. Who knew? As the saying goes, the only bad question is the one not asked!

So, here’s to poetry this month, paired with a topic I do love to read about – travel! My father always said my middle name was “Go.” I don’t get to do much of it at this particular point in my life, but one day. The urge is never far below the surface.

Here are a couple of the books we read this month as a starting place.

Happy reading, and bon voyage!

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Who am I? Foremost, the lucky momma of an amazing boy. To be perfectly honest, I am less his teacher than he is my inspiration - I have learned at least as much from him in the last eight years as he has from me. I am an old-timer at heart; I'd rather live on a farm, garden, crochet, and raise my kid out in the sun than anything else. I'm a bit of a technological dinosaur, more geared toward life where you can get your hands dirty and have some fun exploring, learning, and growing. I'm a homeschooled, homeschooling single parent with a passion for my son, nature, and the simple life. I am not here to pretend I know it all or lay out the research or provide a step-by-step game plan. I hope to encourage and inspire families to join in the journey of learning together - and have the fun that life is supposed to be made of along the way. Happy exploring!

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