Everyday Planner Sample

The Everyday Planner for Eclectic Homeschoolers is entirely undated and features the following:

  • A page for school and account information
  • Two attendance trackers
  • Year-at-a-glance mini calendar
  • 12 calendar pages
  • Year-at-a-glance mini calendar for the following year
  • 53 six-page spreads (see sample pages below) that include:
    • Two-page week-at-a-glance spread
    • Two pages for planning with illustrated areas that suggest uses such as ideas, meals, outings, outdoor time, and resource lists
    • Two-page spread of large 7-day x 5-subject scheduling blocks
  • After every 4 weeks there are an extra two pages for any additional planning needs
  • 12 bonus pages for notes at the end of the book
  • Page to personalize and show off your homeschool family

Will this format fit your family’s needs?

Try it and see! Download samples of each page mentioned above, try them out, mix and match them, or order the full book version on Amazon. Enjoy!

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Who am I? Foremost, the lucky momma of an amazing boy. To be perfectly honest, I am less his teacher than he is my inspiration - I have learned at least as much from him in the last eight years as he has from me. I am an old-timer at heart; I'd rather live on a farm, garden, crochet, and raise my kid out in the sun than anything else. I'm a bit of a technological dinosaur, more geared toward life where you can get your hands dirty and have some fun exploring, learning, and growing. I'm a homeschooled, homeschooling single parent with a passion for my son, nature, and the simple life. I am not here to pretend I know it all or lay out the research or provide a step-by-step game plan. I hope to encourage and inspire families to join in the journey of learning together - and have the fun that life is supposed to be made of along the way. Happy exploring!

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