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Everything is a homeschool lesson.”

My dad said this many, many times as we grew up, amid a chorus of our groans. We could not understand his seemingly single-minded determination to ruin everything. And then, of course, I aged a little, became a parent myself, and realized… he was right – life affords us continuous opportunities to learn; all we need to do is tune in and take advantage of the world around us.

I am a homeschooled homeschooler – I attended preschool and most of kindergarten before making the switch to homeschooling. My father (a former teacher) offered instruction until I was twelve, then decided to take an unschooling approach. I spent a few months attending public school in the 8th grade, but otherwise forged my own way straight up to graduating – but none of that holds a candle to what I learn now, every day, as a homeschooling parent.

The most important lessons of my early education were to enjoy and value learning, as well as how to go about it on my own, and these are the essential qualities that I hope to pass on to my son. We are bookworms, nature enthusiasts, and we strive to be environmentally mindful. We approach learning in an organic way, always ready to disappear down a rabbit hole, and emphasize the role of curiosity.

If you have any questions or need an ear in your homeschool journey, feel free to reach out using the form below. Happy exploring!

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