Spread a Little Kindness

For Martin Luther King, Jr. Day I wanted to delve a little deeper into the topic of civil rights, something that was near and dear to my father, and he impressed its importance upon me from an early age. I am all for beginning conversations early, and this year seemed the right time to introduce the subject beyond the basics. We had books, video clips, portions of the “I have a dream…” speech; but then it was time to roll up our sleeves. His older half-sister joined us for the day, and we all gathered at the table for the project.

To start, I traced a paper plate on the middle of our poster and let him start painting Earth. Meanwhile, I cut out the figures while she wrote out our two lists: first, some of the differences people use to discriminate against others with; second, ways we should be treating our fellow humans.

The kids painted the rest of the poster while I copied our lists onto the people and thought bubbles I had cut out. Then we glued our figures on, added stars with our main message, and looked up quotes by Dr. King. We discussed some we found and then agreed as to which best fit our picture.

Obviously, this can be modified to fit other people and causes you may want to honor or investigate. It could be ways we can hurt or help the environment, highlight another aspect of human rights, or anything else where we need to make an important choice about how we act. Exploring the sides made for a good dialogue, and working simultaneously always helps loosen lips.

Obviously very low-tech and created with everyday supplies, yet this was a project we were all extremely proud of when we finished. Let your creativity lead the collage whichever way you want, and focus more on the roundtable talk; you can’t go wrong.

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Who am I? Foremost, the lucky momma of an amazing boy. To be perfectly honest, I am less his teacher than he is my inspiration - I have learned at least as much from him in the last seven years as he has from me. I am an old-timer at heart; I'd rather live on a farm, garden, crochet, and raise my kid out in the sun than anything else. I'm a bit of a technological dinosaur, more geared toward life where you can get your hands dirty and have some fun exploring, learning, and growing. I'm a homeschooled, homeschooling single parent with a passion for my son, nature, and the simple life. I am not here to pretend I know it all or lay out the research or provide a step-by-step game plan. I hope to encourage and inspire families to join in the journey of learning together - and have the fun that life is supposed to be made of along the way. Happy exploring!

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